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I have been a pastor for over 44 years. For 16 years I served as a Minister of Music, sometimes with Youth added on to my title. But for 35 of those years I have had the wonderful privilege of serving our "Chronologically Gifted" adults and I have served as full-time Pastor to Adults 55+ since1993. I have served churches in Alabama (from North to South) in the following cities; Cullman, Fultondale, Enterprise, Montgomery and Mobile where I have served for the last 20 years. While in seminary, I served a church in Durham, N.C. (my hometown).

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have to deal with some of the issues that we deal with in this age group. I will not be a baby sitter, but will provide monthly hands on opportunities for missions along with the educational and fun things we do.

I am blessed with a wonderful wife of over 40 years, two daughters, two son-in-laws and at this point 3 grands. Oh! I forgot........and one dog that rules the house.



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